Well winter is well and truly here and it has certainly brought some cold weather with it. While most of our horses continue their campaigns here in Victoria and some head to the paddock all rugged up for a spell others have taken a 5 day truck trip to the top end in Darwin. Laming Racing loaded up six excited horses and headed north in search of warmer weather and some nice races throughout the Darwin Carnival.

TRANCING, DUGAN, GOLDCLIP, VODIANOVA, WAVING, OUTDONE and of course we cant forget Outdone’s companion ‘Billy The Goat’ all arrived in Darwin on the 12th of June and have all settled in well. Each horse had a few days rest in their new stalls to recoup after the trip and it was then straight into some work preparing them for their Darwin Campaigns. They have been swimming in the pool and galloping on the great track at home base.

Each horse has it’s own path to take while in Darwin, OUTDONE is yet to secure his Maiden after just 4 starts and will have his chance to do so this Saturday the 26th at Fannie Bay, Outdone has a mountain of owners who see his potential and they have their sights set on getting him into the Derby a week later and they all look forward to seeing what he can produce in that. TRANCING & GOLDCLIP are both adapting extrelmy well and are handling the conditions of the track and climate very well, both of these horses will kick off their Darwin campaigns over the next couple of weeks. DUGAN and WAVING are also both handling the conditions of Darwin very well and will both look to have their first runs up there on the 2nd of July. VODIANOVA has been in work just over a month now and is throughly enjoying her time up in Darwin with the Team.

All six horses have the potential to be very competitive in some nice races in the top end and from the Team at Laming Racing we would like to wish all owners & connections in these 6 horses the very best of luck and let’s hope the top end can bring some luck to us all.