Often, the most important people in the running of stables are the ones behind the scenes. Our stable is very fortunate in that we have a great team of staff that work incredibly hard on a daily basis to ensure all the horses are well cared for. One of these people being long term employee Kerry Massingham, who has been with our stable over 12 years. Making the 20km pre dawn drive each day from her home to the stables in Jacobs Well.

Originally from Frenchs Forest her parents moved the family of 7children,5 boys and 2 girls, to Cairns when she was an 8yo. Her father was training and driving harness horses and Kerry and the other kids started helping in his stables to earn some pocket money. Her father later tried his hand with the thoroughbreds, succesfully training a couple of gallopers he purchased with with a friend. This giving Kerry experience in both codes. All siblings except the two eldest boys have remained in the racing industry in some way.

Moving to Brisbane at age 24 she worked in lure of rent for a harness trainer, strapping racedays for gallopers when she could, for some extra cash. Eventually working fultime for a Brisbane trainer which in turn lead to her travelling to various places including Kembla Grange working with the racehorses before returning to the Northern Gold Coast where she began working for us.

Her kind, calm disposition makes her popular amongst the staff and she has made many friends in the racing industry over the years. Her wealth of experience, her patience, loyalty, reliability and her love for the horses she handles everyday are all qualities that make her such an important part of our team.