On Sunday, the Tooradin Sports Oval hosted the third annual Farriers v Stable Staff football match.  The Stable Staff were made up of trainers, jockeys and stablehands and went into the match as underdogs having never beaten the Farriers.

Todd Balfour, who was coaching the stable staff kept the instructions simple before the game.  The main reason for this was that he didn’t want to confuse his players as there was very limited football experience amongst the team.

The contest throughout the four quarters was very tight and although the farriers had the bigger bodies, the stable staff had youth on their side and managed to kick away to record a 13 point victory.  Coach Balfour almost shed a tear in his speech to his players after the game after telling them how much this win meant to him.

The stable staff team were sponsored by Laming Racing and not only did Richard support the team off the field, he was instrumental in setting up the goal of the day.  Other members from the Laming Racing team contributed to the victory, mainly Matt Brown, Brian Higgins, Jason Keays and Scott Brunton.  A special mention also goes to assistant coach Scott Brown who was a late withdrawl from the side with an unknown injury.